Hello World!
My name is Josh Chua. I'm a
software engineer
with expertise in
full-stack web development and
native and hybrid mobile development.

About Me

I originally hail from Grand Rapids, MI and received my degree nearby in Allendale, MI where I met my fiancĂ© in my freshman year. I am also a father of one, have a dog and a cat, and currently reside in Madison, WI where I am a software engineering team lead working on clinical communications software for healthcare systems. Outside of work, I’m busy parenting, dabbling in hobbyist software development, playing Magic: The Gathering, or playing video games (likely a Nintendo or fighting game).

While I completed a traditional computer science program in university, I actually taught myself to code when I was 12 years old with my first programming language being C#. In middle school, I made simple games using Windows Forms and .NET WPF. In high school, I taught myself JavaScript and web development technologies, such as Knockout, Angular.js, and .NET MVC. I also started and ran a computer programming club in high school and taught other students basic web development. Fun fact: I also started and ran an eSports club too.

In May of 2020 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a minor in general business from Grand Valley State University. While in school, I was busy with both full-time school and part-time work, and I even had 3 concurrent part-time jobs in my junior year. I started out with a retail job, then transitioned into IT support, and then ended my time at college with three different software development internships.

My first internship was at BDO where I worked on internal .NET web apps for accountants. Then, at Steelcase I worked on building monitoring tools for their industrial IoT division. Lastly, at Initech Global I worked on building and maintaining an internal ERP system.

Now at Epic, I’m a software developer team lead on Epic’s Unified Communications team where I lead, design, and develop solutions for clinical communications and patient device alerting. I work on a unique team that does full-stack web development for desktop and native mobile development for iOS and Android.

If you would like to hear more about my experience or would simply like to connect, please reach out via email or LinkedIn. I plan on starting a blog about computer programming and software development, so please keep an eye out for that!